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Cloud Decode uses CloudNow approach to assimilate cloud computing into your organizations’ IT and business strategies via Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google and Microsoft platform.   The CloudNow approach delivers a custom solution to match your specific technology needs, budget and infrastructural constraints.

Your company can benefit from CloudNow in the following ways:

  • A state-of-the-art business model based on cloud technologies
  • More rapid implementation
  • Greater flexibility of IT
  • Networks designed specifically for cloud computing
  • Anytime, anywhere access to applications and data stored in the cloud
  • State of the Art backup solutions
  • Scalable solution to accommodate future business needs

The CloudNOW approach ensures that you Pay only for the CPU / Network / Storage resource consumed and never pay any upfront cost towards Infrastructure by shifting towards pay-as-you-grow model. Always get low latency and local access by selecting Cloud data centers closer to your geographical location. We ensure that you get enterprise standard Service Level Agreements and will never loose business critical data by designing an effective disaster recovery and High availability

Cloud Migration and Integration:

  • Our Cloud Migration Integration involves standardized migration and system integration solutions for smooth, seamless transformation.
  • Provides a standardized, proven approach for the migration and integration of applications, data and hardware in the cloud
  • Deploys proven delivery models
  • Concludes with final testing and go live
  • The standard approach can be tailored to individual customer requirements

If you need help understanding which solutions will meet your needs, we’ll take the time to get to know you and what your business challenges are. Contact us today and we will happy to help you in making next big step towards cloud technology.