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Hosted VoIP Solution

Hosted PBX phone solutions are revolutionizing how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) serve their customers, grow their business, and support their employees.

Delivering the same enterprise-level, professional phone system capabilities large businesses use at a much lower cost, hosted PBX is helping SMBs save money while putting their customer services on par with much larger organizations.

For many small business owners and employees, their mobile device enhances productivity and frees them to take their business wherever they go—whether that’s off to an important sales meeting, working from home or even going on a family vacation. When you can’t stay in the office, you take the office with you, and hosted VoIP technology makes it possible.

At Cloud Decode we help customers to reduce more than 80% of their phone cost by implementing Vocalocity's hosted PBX solution. We help our customers right from designing to implementation of the solution. We even take care of the all the porting formalities and will make sure that there business impact in moving to the new solution.

If you’re looking for an ultra-basic phone system with standard VoIP features, Vocalocity’s small business phone solutions come loaded with dozens of standard features. Also plenty of other advanced features are offered at no extra charge, but if you’re just looking for a phone solution with a reliable dial tone and some business-class applications, we’ve got you covered.

Essential calling features to run your Small Business

Admin Portal - Make changes to your system through an easy-to-use online administrator portal

Call Announce - Whispers an audible version of the custom tag to you before the call is connected.

Call Continuity - Vocalocity makes sure that you’ll never have VoIP service interruption, even if the power goes out.

Call Screening - Send call to voicemail or transfer it away before you ever speak to the caller.

Call Waiting - Be notified when someone else is trying to call if you are already on a call.

Caller ID-  Know who’s calling before you answer.

Directory Assistance (411) - **Please note that standard 411 charges apply

Dynamic Caller ID - Present any phone number on your account as your outbound caller ID

Emergency Assistance (911) - Small business phone solutions need to be secure, an included feature for security and safety

Do Not Disturb - Callers go directly to voicemail when you don’t want to be disturbed  

Multiple Devices on One Extension - Use up to three different phones on the same Vocalocity extension (e.g., desk phone at work, desk phone at home, softphone on your smartphone or laptop).

Set Caller ID - Select any number on your account that you would like to appear as your caller ID.

Seven-Digit Dialing- Set a default area code for your VoIP extension or account and make numbers in that location even easier to dial.

Voicemail - Customized greetings, multiple mail folders, password protected remote access

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